Kick Drum Accent and Snare Accent

Is it possible to use more than one accent. Like a Kick Drum accent on footswitch 1 and Snare Drum on footswitch 2. Or control these with an external midi pedal on two seperate footswitches. I saw a solo guitarist who was playing a real Kick drum on the floor with a foot pedal with his left foot and a real snare drum on the floor with a foot pedal with his right foot. He was playing any beats he wanted as he was playing his guitar. I was wondering if this thing was possible with the beatbuddy for times I only need a kick and snare pattern and not use a preset pattern.

You can use different Accents however, you’re limited to one at a time.

Your BeatBoddy can recieve Midi Notes (when enabled), so using a Midi controller you can have any sound of your drumset as Accent and as many at once, as you can spend pedals of your Midi Board

Hi Guys. Thanks for the replies. I am a bit confused as I now have two different answers saying it can be done and it cant be done
Dennis could please elaborate a bit more on how I would set this up. Sorry to sound stupid by I am new to this and still trying to find my way around it. Thanks

Dennis has provided a solution that requires a MIDI controller or board.

The BeatBuddy right out of the box with it’s default songs cannot do what you would like. Perhaps one of the smarter BB users can come up with a song that you can use . . . .

Yes, you would really need an additional Midi controller…
I love the BB for its “Midi Skills” and I couldn`t do without anymore, but I am controlling some more stuff with my Little Giant.
So you´ll have to calculate if it´s worth to spend some additional money.

You would have to send the associated Midi Notes to the Drumsounds you want to hear.
In BB Manager you can find out what Notes you will need (left side under BB"virtual Maschine", hit the “Drum Sets” tab. Here all notes of the corresponding Drum Set are listed(they exist in different Volumes, that are triggered by different Note-Values).

I didn`t wanted to confuse you, but thought it might could help you…
I also hope my english is not so difficult to understand (its not my native language and I often have to consider multible times how to write something:oops::smiley:

With the BB midi control set to receive midi notes, you can play the drums in the BB just like it is a live kit. Just select the drumkit and tap away. You do, however, need some sort of midi controller to trigger the notes. Obviously, a midi keyboard is not going to work when your are playing guitar. Neither will a Roland midi pickup equipped guitar going into a G1-10 or 20, or a VG-99. No, what you really need is some sort of foot equivalent of a keyboard. There are a couple midi foot pedal rigs out there geared to keyboard players, but they are quite expensive. For the sake a versatility, and the the ability to trigger a nice range of tones in your kit, this may be one of the better choices:

And the price is not too far out of line with the Singular future Midi Maestro. You would need the midi Expander, too. So its $269, plus another $59, $328 to play the drumkit with your feet. Or, you can explore one of the many non-electronic alternatives available.

One of the coolest rigs I ever saw was with a blues guy down in Mississippi, playing a kick drum, which was actually and old suitcase being struck by a kick pedal, with his right foot, and a tambourine mounted on a high hat stand, being played by his left foot. They make headless tambourines just for this sort of rig. That freed up his hands to play guitar, and he didn’t have to learn midi or how to program a BB.

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