Kid Charlemagne (in A, OPBk) re-up - Steely Dan

Uses NP Electric Jazz Trio 3 XRp.

Includes: .sng, my midi, chords and lyrics in pdf and plain text.

I had found a source file, but i didn’t care for it. I made my own.

The original is in C. I can’t sing it there. I brought it down to A, which is barely in my range.

I had to take some liberties. Band-In-A-Box, which I use to get a first draft, doesn’t handle more than one chord per beat, so I had to make some adjustments there. It also does not deal well with mixed time signatures (although it had gotten better), so the chord progression in the Larry Carlton solo is not exact. You’re gonna have to play your own solo anyway, so make something up over this crazy progression. The length of the end solo is my own doing. I tried to keep the chords from keeping too far out of the realm of reality, but if you have no jazz chops, this might be tough for you to handle.

Download Here