Kit request - 80s Def Leppard Kit

We do a couple of their tracks and a kit that has that Simmons sounding tom and kick sounds would be amazing.

Would you need to use the sobriety function built in to make the timing more realistically poor? :wink:


I found 2 pretty good explanations of the kit. Look for a kit from me next week.

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Well creating the beats will be easy, nothing faster than eigth notes, and no drum rolls. :laughing:

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I found a good set of SDS8 samples, so you’ll be getting those instead of the SDS7 that Richard Allen uses. I think I have the Zildjan’s covered.

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Very cool!


Thank you, Phil_Flood. We play a few DL songs and I look forward to loading for those tunes.

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YOU ARE THE MAN DUDE! Can’t thank you enough.

Was there a ‘link’ to where this kit can be downloaded posted in a reply or something? I look thru the replies and saw alot of ‘Thank You’s’ but no download link.

Uh, like try clicking on “Def Leppard” in the Vox with the kit description 3 links up, or, better yet, learn how to use the search function in this Forum.

ha, thanks bros.