Kit with horns???

Is there any way of playing brass lines along with any kit in the same way the bass can be added. As a bassist, I don’t need bass but horns would be great! “Soul man” for example.

I think it can be done with the existing kits and the only thing that would be done differently is that when the song is being transcribed from MIDI, only the drums and horns track would be transcribed–the bass track would not be included.

Thanks persist. Ive tried exporting two tracks from logic as one merged track of midi (because BB only reads one track) and importing it to BB but it doesn’t work.
I may need to download a specific kit.

If you’d like, post the source MIDI song and the BB file you came up with as a zip file and I’ll take a look at it. I think Phil Flood and another user have posted some horn kits.

Great, I’m not at home at the moment but will post asap.

Here’s the midi file merged. Good luck and thanks for looking.

Drum kit looks right. Brass is mapped too low. You have the brass at the actual tones. Let’s put this in the STAX kit and see what happens. Be back in a few minutes. And it’s nice to back at my Mac.

One chord seems off. I may have messed it up on the transposition. But, essentially, here it is:

To use the Stax kits for horn parts, you need to transpose the horns, so that all the horn parts appear at C6 and above. The kit transposes those part several octaves lower. You will likely need to move some of the parts up or down an octave to make the part fit in the narrow range that I assigned to the horns.

Of course, since you don’t want the bass, another option it to build your own kit with a nice full horn section, and just drums.

Hi Phil, thanks for this. I tried opening the attachments and just got a block of symbols. Do you have to zip it first? I’m new to this and not sure how to build kits yet. I guess if you can set a kit for horns, you could also use strings too, amazing.
I have to leave now but thanks for your trouble…

Sorry, pressed the wrong attachment. I got it now but the whole thing is playing horn sounds. I’ll try some transposing tomorrow.
Thanks again.

It should just open from whatever you used to make your version of Soul Man. Don’t try to double click on it to open. Go into your DAW, and do a file> open and then navigate to this.

Yes, you can do strings, horns, harpsichord, synthesizers, etc…, up to and including bagpipes and didgeridoo.

I just tried it and got everything sounding like horns again. I’m in Logic pro x and the whole piano roll plays brass sounds (or nothing at the extreme ends). I’ll download the stax kit tomorrow and import it into BB and we’ll see what happens.
Got to pack up now. Thanks Phil.
ps Didgeri don’t!!

OK. Add the STAX Piano 4 part to your BB. It is found here:

After you download and unzip that file, there were be a .drm file. From BB Manager, go to File>Import>Drumset, and navigate to the .drm file. Click on Drum Sets, next to Songs, in the lower left BB Manager window, and you should see the list of drumsets loaded in your BB. Click on the box next to STAX Piano 4 Part, if it is not already selected. That will load the Drumkit into your BB.

Next. Go to songs, pick any folder you’d like, but Blues would be a good place. Between any two songs in your Blues folder, there is a +Song button. Click on that. It will create a new empty song. To try out Soul Man. Enter an appropriate tempo for the blank song. 120 will work. Click on the box with the … below Main Loop. Navigate to the Soul Man midi file and click OK. Soul Man midi file will be loaded as your main loop.

At the left edge of the song, in the box below Default Drum Set, click on the box and select STAX Piano 4 Part.

Then click the little Play arrow in the Soul Main main midi part, and you should hear the song with horns and drums.

Thanks Phil, I followed the instructions and it worked great. I had to move the horn parts up 3 octaves and still have to work out how to reduce their volume in logic but its working great. Here’s the new version.
Can"t thank you enough for your help.

I’m glad it worked out for you. We try to be helpful around here. I wouldn’t have gotten past square one without help from Persist and Phil when I was starting to build kits.

You can reduce overall horn volume two ways. 1, In Logic you can select the entire horn part, and just reduce velocity. 2, you can go into the drum kit by double clicking on its name in the BB Manager drum sets list. This will bring up the BB Drumkit editor. From there you can find the horn samples (look down around midi 96 to 127) and you can reduce the volume of each sample individually. When you are done, from the upper toolbar menu select Drumset>Save Drum set. This would change the volume of the horns in the kit overall, not just for the one song. This is a more useful trick for adjusting one bad drum piece, like that one cymbal you may find to be too darn loud.

Also, check out the Logic Midi Transform command. I find this to be a more useful way to adjust velocities, as you can set minimum and maximum values. It’s probably best to Google that and find the Apple guidance.

Great, I’ll check out both methods. Thanks again for the advice, now if only I could do something about my voice!