Kits with Bass

Hi Guys,
Sorry for what may seem a dumb question for most of you, but I’m trying to edit a song (Beatles, Come Together with Bass) as it’s in C sharp rather than D.

I was hoping to go in via the midi editor and take it up to D in there. Trouble is the highest note is the top of the bass in all the kits I have tried is E2 and I need it to be F2. Are there any kits with a wider bass range.

Many Thanks!!!

Is this a song posted by Guitar Stu or Phil? Which kit are you trying to transpose it with NP Vintage Ludwig with Bass?

You can probably use one of Phil Flood’s kits which has the bass two octaves lower than from the source MIDI file or five octaves lower than the NP Vintage Ludwig with Bass kit.

Many thanks for the quick reply… much appreciated!

I’m working on Guitar Stu’s Come Together with Bass which originally used the Rock with Bass kit I think (…although I was hoping to use the Brushes with Bass to give it a more mellow sound.) I’ll check out Phil’s kits and see where it leads me.


HI Egon

did you manage to do it? :slight_smile: