Knight Rider Theme Live Looped on Electric Ukulele


I just uploaded my first video using the BB to youtube.

Was playing Ukulele earlier today and kind of stumbled into an arrangement of the Knight Rider theme. This is all live looped with the exception of the drums which are provided by the very cool Beatbuddy guitar pedal which It is also the midi master for most of the time based effects including the Boss Slicer, and the Boomerang III which handles the sampling and looping. The bass line is possible on a uke thanks to nonstandard drop G tuning combined with the Electro Harmonix POG 2 which can drop a note down 2 octaves combined with the Electro Harmonix Mole to fatten the bass up a bit. A little ways in I layered the Earthquaker devices Bit Commander over it which provided some synthy crunch and then wanked around with some distortion.

This is how my effects chain is laid out

Mooer, Baby Tuner
MXR, Dyna Comp (Always on effect, I tried a several other comps and this one is IMO the best especially with jankier ukuleles.)
Electro Harmonix, Freeze Sound Retainer
Sub Decay, Octosynth (Kind of janky synth pedal)
Digitech, Whammy
Saturnworks, Effects Loop
Electro Harmonix, POG 2 (In Saturnworks Effects Loop)
Electro Harmonix, Mole (In Saturnworks Effects Loop)
Electro Harmonix, Bass Blogger (In Saturnworks Effects Loop)
Earthquaker Devices, Bit Commander (Awesome synth pedal)
Electro Harmonix, B9 Organ Machine
Boss, Noise Suppressor NS-2
Digitech, Hot Rod Rock Distortion (In the effects loop of the Noise Suppressor. Swapping it for a Boss DS-1 soon)
Donner, Stylise Fuzz (In the effects loop of the Noise Suppressor)
EnoMetalstik, Distortion (In the effects loop of the Noise Suppressor)
Morley, Wah Volume
Mooer, Pitchbox (Usually used for a fifth below to do one string power chords.)
Mooer, Eleclady (EHX Electric Mistress Flanger clone)
BBE, Mind Bender (Chorus)
Boss, SL-20 Slicer (Midi Slave)
Earthquaker, Devices Disaster Transport (Modulated Delay)
TRex, Whirly Verb
Boomerang, III Phrase Sampler (Midi Slave. Handles the sampling and looping. I bought several live sampling pedals before this and Boomerang III is absolutly the best pedal for live looping.)
Singular Sound, Beatbuddy (Midi Master. Allows live drum arrangements using preprogrammed drum loops.)