Knobs quality !

Waiting for the BB to be available I was wondering.
What is the general quality of the knobs ( Volume, Drum set, Tempo ) and the Tap and Cursor buttons like.
Do they seem to be roadworthy and lasting for a long time to you ?
Metal / Plastic ?


I am sure you will be satisfied.
Volume, Drum Set and Tempo knobs are most likely made from metal. They feel cool when first touching them. Cheap plastic never feels like that. Tap and arrow buttons are made from soft rubber and are very pleasant to press.

Are you sure you’re not getting paid by BB for answering here ? :smiley:

No but seriously -That sounds great to hear.

I can hardly wait to get my hands on my own BB but I guess I’ll have to wait at least until March 20 before I can order one.

Well, heh. No, I am not paid in any means or form for answering here :slight_smile:
I like my unit and you will definitely like yours!

The software being a bit too steep and sometimes a bit illogical is the major offender currently, but once you step over the initial difficulties, you will be enjoying your new drummer to the max! I also hope the situation will get better over time, and BBManager will become more intuitive.

I find the manager pretty intuitive except in some places but I guess I figured stuff out by trial and error.
I lost a lot of drumsets when I thought I had saved a drumset and then have to map them up several times before I got how it had to be done.

I am working on a Jazz kit right now and some basic Jazz grooves cause I think BB’s Jazz grooves are a bit too overplaying and hard hitting and not made by a Jazz drummer.

But that is another cool thing about BB that you can change pretty much anything to your own taste and liking.

Got to go working on some cool Jazz grooves and samples now.

See Ya !