Kodachrome - Paul Simon

I tried some of the Kodachrome beats I found online, but they didn’t have the feel I wanted, so I designed my own. I tried to make it sound as close to the original song as possible. Here is a video of my music duo performing with the beat, so you can hear what it sounds like:

The custom drum kit needs to be used for best results. The .sng and .drm files may be downloaded from this link:



Hi Lanny,

You’ve nailed it! Great…



Thanks for putting this together. Is there a reason the kodachrome drum imports with the name “Africa”

Doh, sorry. I designed a special drum kit for “Africa” by Toto, and I used the same kit for Kodachrome because it had some of the percussive sounds that I wanted. You can rename the kit if you like or you can leave it as is. Kodachrome will work fine as long as it can access those kit sounds.

Great kit and great performance - thanks for making this easy for me, LF!

Thanks! Lanny