Kontakt instrument for drum with bass kits

Hey folks.
Was just thinking.

Anyone has ever attempted to create a Kontakt instrument with the same sample mappings as the drums with bass kits? (i.e. C2 to F3 drum samples and E4 to E6 bass samples as in the Rock with Bass kit)

In this way, it will be possible to listen in your DAW of choice a result that will be comparable to what we will hear in the beatbuddy once imported.

Was just playing around with Kontakt and it seem possible (a work of huge patience of course), but definitely doable (here I just mapped two kick samples, ignoring velocity etc):

I can do the full kit, just wanted to check if it’s worth and if someone already attempted to do something like this.

Keep beatbuddin’

I’ve done it in the Logic EXS-24 sampler. There is Drum and Bass Kontakt instrument I just ran into. But it makes 2 separate tracks.

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Yeah, it may make sense to have in separate instruments too. Editing would be much easier having the chance to listen what you are doing in your DAW.

I did it :wink:

Hope it’s OK, I’ll test it tomorrow. It’s based on the Rock with Bass kit.

Anyway if someone want to give it a shot it’s here:

[link updated]

(should work with the free Kontakt player - at least I think)

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Now THIS got my attention…

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Now it works, I updated the link above.

This clip is rendered in Reaper:

And here the Reaper setup, a single midi track exported from one of the track with bass downloded on this forum (Sweet Home Chicago) and the nki “Drum with Bass” Kontakt instrument set as VSTi in the FX:

Don’t forget to set the bpm right, right click on midi item, select source properties and select “Send as channel 1”

I have full Kontakt, and can confirm it works well in 6.2.2. Is there a guide I could find on how to build a Kontakt instrument? If so, I might do this for some of my kits.

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Hey Phil,
I have Kontakt 5, but I guess it’s kind of similar in Kontact 6.
For a start, I read this guide:

Then, a few hints. When you add a sample the first time it’s assigned to all keys in the keyboard, Kontact automatically shifts the pitch of that single sample, i.e. if you add a single E1 bass sample, all the notes in the instrument will be automatically filled (and pitch shifted by the Kontakt software, which is not ideal quality wise).

So what you need to do is to have a single sample for each note, see this picture, I tried to mark all the relevant parts:

Where the E1 sample is mapped on the MIDI E3 key.

In my “test” instrument I didn’t mapped different samples for different velocity (after all the purpose is not to have top quality in the DAW but to edit songs easily, after all the midi/loops will be played by beatbuddy in the end), but you can do that as well. Kontakt anyway deals pretty well with velocity.

Final hint, for saving, I think best option is save as “monolith”:

In this way you have a single nki instrument file including the samples, that should play also in the free Kontakt player (I guess I have a full version of Kontakt 5 too).

Not sure if I explained well, english obviously not my primary language, but in case write here or PM. Not a Kontakt expert, but if I can I’ll try to see if we can make it work.

I’m planning to do some more nki, so we can share the work, in case (not so much time really but over the week end or overnight).

And finally, thanks for all your kits/songs! I’m very new here, but I’m sure I’m already enjoining some of them!!!

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Thanks for this. I’ll look at it at give it a try. If I manage to create an .nki I’ll let you know.

Very much appreciate the effort. With the halt to playing live I’ve gone more to using REAPER and plugins (including EZDrums and Kontakt5) but have 5 years of effort logged into Beat Buddy. Thank you!

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Folks, this is a Kontakt nki for the Electric Jazz Trio 72-C1:

[link updated on 9 dec 2020, cowbell fix]

Mapping are the same as the kit:
bass 0-31
drums/percussions: 34-71
wurly electric piano: 72-127

Next, I’ll do a plain drum kit, probably the Rock one.

@Phil_Flood I had a little problem with this kit (not sure if is one of yours).
The cowbell sample (midi 56) is corrupted (at least in my copy). So is missing from the nki (i mapped on the same another sample. Is this problem present in all version of this kit? Or just my copy? Where the drums are coming from?

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I’ll check my kit to see if it’s bad on mine. Usually, if I have a bad sample, I can’t save the kit. I have a couple different cowbells wavs that I use. Search the Forum for Roll Your Own, and you’ll find a collection of my samples. Most were made from other sample collections, from IKMultimedia and Sony. Although I also sometimes make them from Logic’s drum kits and from stuff I find online. I have a couple kits using recordings from my percussion collection.

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The sample for the cowbell is corrupt on my end. I was trying to find the original to fix it. It will be easier for me to just remake it. Those were from the IK Billy Cobham kit, opened in SampleTank acting as a plug-in for Logic Pro X, and then played at velocity 90 and 120. I’ll make new ones and attach them to my next message.

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Cowbells.zip (171.3 KB)

These work.

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Thank you Phil! I’ve updated the nki.

PS I have a “general” question for you. In PM

Hi Andrea,

I really like this virtual instrument and I even managed to get the nki file work in REAPER (I never used a DAW before and just started last year). I have one short question. Did I miss something in the explanations? My (your) virtual instrument works for around 15 minuts in the Kontakt Player and then I have to remove and add the Player again to make it work. What did I overlook?

Greatings from Bavaria

You are using the free player version. The full upgrade doesn’t have the 15min limitations