La Grange

“La Grange” by ZZ Top

ONLY FOR BBM 1.3.3 (upgrade the manger if you haven’t already)

Download here -->

BTW, here’s a tip for anyone creating BB content. For anything that has very fast triplet or other type rhythms (like the rim/side stick in this song), I’ve been opening some of the MIDI sources in the MARCHING folder. A measure, or a beat or two of the snare drum patterns can be copy/pasted into your MIDI editor and properties changed accordingly for your song needs. I’ve found this a lot quicker, as well as more natural sounding, than creating these type patterns from scratch. Of course if you use an electronic kit or similar to do this, then you’ve already got that capability. This is for guys like me who don’t have that luxury. :wink:

Well, yes, that file is really fat and is not upload-able no matter archived or not :frowning: This should get fixed ASAP.

Is there a library of users .sng files like the one you’ve created? The forum seems like a hodgepodge of information.

You’re here …it’s called BEATS … pick a genre, scroll down til you find something you like & save the sng’s …& you’re jammin’ …lol

Thank you, very cool song.