Its been a while since I’ve posted, and a friend of mine was working on the bass for this, so I checked out my old version and hated it. This one is more accurate. First, it sticks closely to Ringo’s drum track. Secondly, the bassline is now accurate.

More importantly, Ive completely reworked the datasheet. In the recording, Paul’s bass is doubled up by John… but I want to do some chord work, so I buried the lead “bassline” in the chords. On the cheatsheet, look at the tab and you’ll get the idea, its really just walkdowns and walkups…fingering can be an issue.

This still uses Phil Flood’s older kit, NP BOSENDORFER JAZZ TRIO XRP beccause it has a very good brush snare and good handclaps which are both important. I maxed out the volume on the bass and lowered the overall piano volume.

Finally, and I apologize, but I just couldnt get the sax solo in as the range of the beatbuddy when running a multi-part kit is way too limited.

LADY (86.3 KB)


This is pretty impressive. I’m playing with it right now, The missing sax provides some interesting guitar opportunities. I almost like it better with the Jazz Trio Brushes 60 + C0 kit. Great Tune.

Thanks much Phil!

Glad you like it. I’ll check out that kit too. I tried a few kits on this one before returning to what I have.

By the way, I’m working on the long (6:30) version of “I heard it through the grapevine” (CCR) with a more accurate drum track. Almost done.


Thanks for reworking this one Phil… Nicely done… :beers:


I’m new to Beat Buddy and BB Mgr, but very comfortable with software and Midi.

I loaded the “old” Lady Madonna, and everything worked great.

I imported the “new” tracks and it came through missing most of the pieces.

What am I doing wrong?


Since it’s an OPB (One Press Bass), and one of mine, I put the ENTIRE song into the OUTRO section. The MAIN is just a holding pattern, silent, that allows you time to set temp etc etc. Then just trigger the OUTRO and away you go.

Thanks for the help!

Of course, that worked just fine.

No problem at all.

Hi Phil,

I’m planning on pulling the piano out of the file (I play piano/keyboards).

Would you work from the .sng or one of the midi files?

I use a DAW (Auria Pro) and a player (SweetMidi) to manipulate and play Midi files.

Thanks again,

I would always go back to the source for two reasons, first obviously, it’s the source and sometimes I make changes as I develop the BB tune. Second, it’s just easier. The BBM editor sucks and if you’re already familiar with a DAW, why increase your learning curve?
By the way, if it’s one of my tunes, I usually put the midi into the zip unless it’s a midi that can’t be shared.

Hi Phil,

You put 2 midi files in the there:
The Beatles - Lady Madonna

I’m assuming it’s OPB+Keys that I should edit, correct?