Lady With A Fan (Terrapin Station, part 1) - The Grateful Dead

This song is generally played as the first part of Terrapin Station, but there are notes of it having been played live as a stand alone piece on at least one occasion. As I don’t have the last part of Terrapin Station, I’ve decided to post this as a stand alone jam version. When you reach the point that the segue to Terrapin Station would start, you are on a repeating jam in E. Jam as long as you like. See the cheat for details.

Uses NP Electric Jazz Trio 72+C1, or NP E-Piano & 4001 Bass, if you have that kit.

This includes: .sng file, the 3 merged midi parts, and a pdf cheat.

Lady With A (52.3 KB)

Have been waiting for this one (and pt2) to pop up! Look forward to trying your version out, one of my favorites to play although I look forward to trying your rendition as opposed to my own. Thanks Phil…keep up the good work!