Lag/Latency in manager


Hi all.

I’m experiencing severe buzzy and clippy lag/latency in beats played through the manager software. This did not happen the first time I used the manager, and my PC is more than capable of handling this program. I have tried everything I can think of, (reinstalling drivers, manager programs, changing settings on drivers, trying difference cables, rebooting, etc.) and no luck. Is there anyone out there experiencing similar issues? Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?



I’ve encountered this once, but it was because my CPU was under a load. It solved itself after I’ve rebooted my computer.


Thanks for the reply.

It’s weird, because I have a pretty decent machine (8 core 4Ghz AMD processor + 8Gb of DDR3 ram) and I did reboot it. But I’ll try rebooting again to see if it fixes the problem.


If reboot doesn’t help, try monitoring your system performance (Ctrl+Alt+Del) and see if there are any processes “eating” a lot of your CPU time. I know nothing of what else can be affecting manager software in this way.

Looks like this is one of those cases when “we will look into this” is the only answer :slight_smile: But you can try contacting support directly at They would likely need some system information collected from your machine to help diagnose and solve the problem.


So rebooting did not fix the problem but restoring the PC to previous time point did the trick. I suspect that latest windows update may have been causing some performance issues.