Land Down Under

I had a version (Not V4) that I had downloaded before but it seems to have disappeared, any one kindly have this men at work song? Preferably just Standard Pro?


Sure thing, here you go. I programmed this for use with the Standard kit (no bass).

I think I may have shortened the bridge a little bit when I programmed it, just because that’s the arrangement we do in my duo. I have attached my MIDI file in case you want to make any changes, such as putting the bridge to its original length.

Thank you this is perfect

What Key is this one in?

I believe the original song is in the key of D, however the BeatBuddy version here has no bass, so it has no key. (I’m a bass player, so I rarely program the bass part into my beats).

Ya I learned it in A and I really like that key so no bass will work thanks . I will give it a whirl

FYI - The bridge is about half the length of the original version, I believe.