Latching button worn out

Last week the latching button stopped working on B Buddy, obv with use over the years, what do i have to order to get it replaced ?

Sounds like you’re well outside of the warranty period. You could contact Support, but in previous threads, users have commented that Singular Sound does not stock nor sell components for their products. You might be able to ask for a discount on a new one but don’t know if that’ll work.

You could try replacing the switch yourself Spare button switch or have a repair shop do so. There is also a “how to disassemble the BeatBuddy (BB) pedal” video somewhere on the forum.

Please let us know how you get it working again.

Guy who does all our repairs ordered a latching switch online n replaced it, it seems to be working fine. Few years back i got him to replace the latching buttons in my external footswitch with non latching as the ones in the official BB one just wore out very quickly as i use a lot of cymbal swells at end of songs i’ve had these in for 3 years now n still going strong and far more effective to use. i’m going to ask him to put non latching in the main pedal as well to see how that goes.

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