Latching Mode for Song Parts ( Behavior Like Maschine Scenes )

Hi, Just a quick feature request.
It involves Parts having the ability to Latch .

It would be for “Parts” to have the ability to behave like Maschines Scenes or Abletons Scenes when in Latching or Legato Mode

An Example of how parts would behave would be…
Say you where playing part 1 in Aeros and you trigger Part 2 mid loop… so say on beat 3 to keep it simple.
Instead on Part 2 playing from the beginning it would play from the exact interval you switched over from… so in this case beat 3.

Dont get me wrong we should still keep the retrigger mode Aeros currently behaves in but, allow a latching mode as an option…

Also, I don’t think just a setting would be good it would be better to decide how Aeros should behave on a part by part basis as this makes a better… more interesting song…

Maybe a way to implement this would be with midi CCS so currently 6 values under CC113 trigger parts from start… I believe its values 101-106 and values 1-6 select parts… maybe values 10-16 could trigger parts in a latching manner.


Could you possibly explain another scenario? I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking for here.

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Sure. I made a video demonstrating this behavior. Hope this helps.

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Hey I’m having some issues playing back the video, I hear the audio but it’s all in white is it supposed to be like this?

No problem here with A or V

Hmm here is a Dropbox download link”

I had to put it in quotes in order for just the link to show up.

Did you get it?

Hey I’m sorry, I forgot to confirm that yes I did, it is an interesting request, so I will tag under-consideration

Thank you for your feedback! This would not be a priority right now, but we may implement this in the future.