Latest BeatBuddy and Aeros Midi Command List?

The latest BeatBuddy firmware is 4.1.3 but the last update to the midi spreadsheet which is available on your website that lists the available BB midi commands is indicated as version 3.8.0. Likewise, the Aeros firmware is at 5.0.x and the Aeros midi command spreadsheet has not been updated since version 4.1.2.
Have there been updates to the midi commands for Aeros and/or BeatBuddy. If so, where are these listed. Thank you.

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Hey there,

The Aeros commands sheet was already updated and I just updated the BeatBuddy command sheet.

To clarify, you are possibly misreading the intention of the version column: It informs you as of which version the command was supported, and it continues to be supported on every official version thereafter.

Aeros has 5.0.0 noted here

Ok. Thanks