Latest BeatBuddy Manager version? Please?

Hi. Can someone tell me what the latest BBM manager version is? And perhaps send me a link to it?
I’m finding version 1.64, but the post says it is from 2016.
Thank you in advance for your help!

persist! Thanks so much for a quick response. The Beatbuddy loader looks like a great alternative.
I’ve had this pedal for a couple years now. Only used it out of the box. I’m looking forward to getting more out of it.

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Let me quickly clarify that the BeatBuddy Loader is not a replacement or the same as the BeatBuddy manager

There are various versions we have available some work better on some systems than others

For insight on the best version for your setup and needs, please reach out to

Thanks for the question!

Thanks. I understand it is different. Sounds simpler, and perhaps suited for me. I’d like to get some more beats, (songs? sorry, I’m not sure of the exact terminology) and try to arrange them to see if this is something I can possibly gig with. I currently don’t plan to make my own beats.

I’ve used it a little out of the box. And I love being able to trigger fills and parts on the fly, so I would likely want to use it that way more than “one touch songs”. I’m going to read some of the guides and see if I can get one of these installed on my computer tonight, and also hook up my card via the BB and get started. This is 2 plus years overdue!
It’s nice of you all to be so helpful. Thank you.-TOM

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I’m definitely having issues. I’m sure it’s me. I installed the loader. But I cannot find it or a folder called singular sound anywhere. Searched “PC”.
This is new laptop. Apparently, I’m more technologically challenged than I used to be.

Thanks for clarifying that this is a new computer. This means that you will need to download, unzip and place the default content 2.1 on an SD card as that is where the BB Loader expects to find, open and use a project.

The BB Loader is different than the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) app in that it expects to use the project on your SD card. So if your SD card doesn’t have a current project on it, you will need to download, unzip and copy the folder contents to your SD card. Recommend you put the SD card in your laptop slot reader. Don’t use the USB cable connection to your pedal method.

If you already have your SD card with a project on it, you don’t have to follow the download and install instructions. Just place your SD card in your slot reader and open the BB Loader. It should find and open your project.

Here’s a link to the 2.1 content: SD Card Full Backup

Unfortunately this pc does not have a card reader. When I bought it, I thought the USB cable was suitable. Perhaps I’ll need to return the computer.
Will the USB cable method not work?
The card has the original data I bought it with. I was hoping I could update to the latest firmware using the USB

It’s been reported by some users to not transfer data reliably (using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)). With this in mind it’s still worth trying the USB method. Let us know if it transfers the data reliably. If it doesn’t, no need to replace your laptop, just buy and use an external USB media reader.

Thanks. So when I uninstalled everything, and starting over. I have my beatbuddy/card currently connected to the computer. When I install BB loader. Do I install it directly to the SD card?

I’m experimenting and starting to figure this out. I now understand that I"ll still need to use BB manager to do what I want to do. I can get in and create songs and move parts around. I am having trouble saving the edit on to the card. But I realized I failed when I upgraded the firmware, so I have to fix that first thing and go from there.
Thanks again for all your help. I’m sure I’ll need more.
Cheers for tonight.

The BB Loader should be installed on your computer.

Once you get your firmware updated on your SD card, please follow up with your questions.