Latest info on adding wav data to BeatBuddy drum kits?

I found some older info at the other place, but I was wondering if there are any updated, or latest if you like, tutorials, FAQ’s, tips etc for adding wav data to a drum kit?


This is the document that I provide along with the LBDM 4BB kit. It might be helpful to you. This assumes you are using existing wavs. Wavs for BB should be created as 44.1khz sample rate, 16 bit samples.

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Lovely, thanks Phil. also thx for confirming the specs for the wav. Those were the figures I sorta had floating around my head, so the confirmation is welcomed!

I’ll work through that PDF, and if I get stuck I’ll come back here with any questions, if that’s okay?

I want to create some wavs from some decent guitar files I have, so I can create “comping” guitar parts to go along with my live bass, keys playing. Mostly simple tri-tones so it doesn’t exceed the MB limit for the kit. Been meaning to have a play around with that for a while.



Feel free to ask questions. I see that Singular also posted its guide to the Drumset Maker. It’s one of the support documents.