Latin, cuban beats

I am looking for new latin and cuban beats, songs and drum sets for BeatBuddy. Although BeatBuilder is excellent, it only works with standard kits. I have the Latin, World Percussion and Hand Percussion song downloads and corresponding Drumsets. Any ideas, links etc will be gratefully received. Ideally I would like to edit beats for the Latin and Percussion drumsets to play Buena Vista Social Club type songs. Any ideas?

Yes, I Need the same.

Not much response then… Does anyone know which Mac DAW will produce midi mapped to the Latin and Percussion drum sets? Does Logic ProX do it?


looks as if the new BB Manager will do this fine, so a whole new horizon appears for Beatbuddy fans!


I’ve been looking for the same. In the meantime, i’ve been using some midi files that i’ve imported into EZDrummer. They are mapped EZDrummer files designed to be used with the Latin kit. I’ve then set up a drum map in Cubase and re-mapped the midi files to map to the Latin kit in Beat Buddy. It’s a bit tricky because as i’m sure you’ll know, you have to get each percussion instrument mapped correctly. Sometimes it’s hard to identify which instrument is being played and how they should map to the Latin kit in Beat Buddy. So far i’ve been working on el Cuarto de Tula.

I’d also like to remap the EZDrummer midi files to map to a cajon for a more earthy approach to Latin music. This is really tricky!! Any help appreciated!!!