Latin kit

Thats strange, i want to add Handclaps into the latin kit, but its impossible to playback the sample with the latin kit.
All the others kits are playing with handclaps, without modifying the kits but not the latin : why not?( problems with the software ??) other i make something wrong.
I have watched the tutorial how to modifying the kits on youtube!!!

Make sure your sample contains only supported notes. Refer to a sticky in Drum Sets subforum here.
You say you only have problems with Latin kit, so does it play correctly with any other kit?
Latin is one of the top loaded kits - it is 96% full of maximum samples size. Are you sure it doesn’t go over 100% after your modifications?

If you upload your MIDI pattern, I could look at it to help you spot your problem.

The kit its only 96%[ATTACH=full]632[/ATTACH]

Can you hear the sample when you press the sample play button? if not re-add it, if it does then you will need to ensure, as daefecator said at the top; check that the midi file is triggering midi note 39. Also according to the screenshot you have not selected the “Latin claps” kit so you will not be able to choose it for playing a Beatbuddy song, instead you will be getting the unaltered Latin kit.

Its playing perfect with the standard + rock kit, but i haven modifying these kits ,the samples come automatic inside!![ATTACH=full]633[/ATTACH]

Ok, have you also saved the kit by double clicking on the name as I demonstrate in my tutorial video? Also do the samples play when pressing the play button on the altered Latin kit?

yes i did it

Please answer all my questions, does the sample play when you press the play sample button? Also have you selected the altered kit when playing the song.


ok i fix it now: i changed the sd cards and i installed everything like new.
Now is working perfect. Defect sd cards???
thank you for help

It does happen, what I should have asked is if it played fine in the manager software, if it didn’t it is unlikely to have been the SD card.