Leaving singular sound

Whoever designed Aeros code failed to pay attention to the essential applications of a modern and complex looper. Singer-songwriters may be satisfied with this product. But a large group of musicians intent on pushing the edges of creativity are certainly not. Goodbye Aeros. Goodbye Singular Sound.

You can choose to sell your Aeros if you want but to say we aren’t listening or building this product for musicians isn’t true… I hope you do find the company and pedal that suits you best

You may find soon it was the wrong choice given the Aeros has not finished changing yet



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Check out Loopy Pro

When I picked up the Aeros (after having struggled with an RC505thingy for months) my first thought was literally, “Wow, this thing is actually made for musicians”. I love the product, and I love that it just gets better and better with each iteration.

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Exactly my thoughts. Boss RC-500 was a headache. The Aeros works perfectly for me.

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Ask another brand to add a function that you like and you will see what they will answer you, if at least they answer you

Singular Sound listen to the users and if possible they make you wish