Left channel defective

Hello, I have a BeatBuddy ID80f5b59aada5 with firmware I create the songs with the BeatBuddy Manager. Everything has worked great so far. We had rehearsed before our last gig with the BB. A day later at the gig, the left channel only made quiet sounds. It was all treble and no bass! We also tested the headphone output, which had the same symptoms. A disaster was brewing. Shortly before giving up, a colleague casually tried the right channel. We were very happy, it worked normally and we were able to make the gig successful. We can continue to play our gigs with the right channel, but there is great uncertainty that this will also be canceled!

My question: What could this be and how can it be fixed. Did someone unconsciously change something when hiring?

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Johann Redhammer

Ps.: I translated the text into English using Google Translate!

Make sure you are using the BeatBuddy (BB) power supply.

Check your patch cables.

You could also try restoring the pedal to factory settings. Be sure to run the foot switch detection.

You might want to try a newer version of the firmware to see if that helps.

If you have a backup SD card, test that.

If all else fails, contact support@singularsound.com for advice.

Thank you for your quick response!

I only use the (BB) power supply. Several cables were also tested.

If I reset the BB to factory settings or try a new firmware, am I afraid that maybe nothing will work anymore? I also tested a backup SD card.

What is footswitch detection?

I have already contacted support!

Kind regards

Johann Redhammer

It sounds like you’ve taken the most obvious trouble shooting steps. :slightly_smiling_face:

If the left channel of your pedal has stopped working, it might indicate that your pedal could fail and at the worst time imaginable (like in the middle of a performance). In my opinion, it may be best to find out now and that’s why I suggest updating the firmware—which Support will probably also suggest.

On page 20 of the manual, it explains how to run the foot switch detector: https://singularsound-publicly-downloadable.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/manuals/BeatBuddy+Manual+(Firmware+4.1.3).pdf

If the pedal is still under warranty, you can ask the vendor to honor the warranty.

Good luck and please let us know how you resolve the issue.

Hello, I contacted Singularsound support and they said the unit needs to be replaced. He had offered me a very good discount for a new device, but the delivery eliminated that. I bought a 3 month old BB including a foot switch very cheaply online. We will use my old BB, where the correct channel still works, as a backup. Maybe I can find someone who can fix it. If I succeed I will write again. Kind regards, Johann

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Hello, I have now installed new firmware in the BB (version 4.1.6) and reset it to factory settings. Unfortunately it didn’t help. Kind regards, Johann

I have no idea if this could be the cause of your left output and headphones channel audio not working properly but you can check and see if it corrects the issue.

Go to p.29 and mess around with the Audio settings to see if that helps. Good luck.

Also, you could open the pedal and check that the left output jack is making a solid connection when the patch cable is fully inserted. Try wiggling the patch cable while playing a song. If it’s intermittent audio, the pedal output jack might not be making full contact.

Along with persist’s suggestion, if you haven’t tried already, input some audio to the BB’s L & R inputs, either in stereo or mono L or R one at a time, and see if the audio carries through to the outputs.

There was an issue a few years back that I had questioned about stereo wav’s used in the BB and not appearing at the outputs correctly. I believe this was corrected by a firmware fix. I’m not sure if in the input jacks there is a contact that senses when something is plugged in and tells the BB how to configure the outputs if one input is used or both. It may not help, but I’d try a short squirt of DeOxit contact cleaner into the input and output jacks followed by inserting and removing a plug a few times.

Likely different than your problem, but the old input/output thread…

Thanks for your information.

I opened the BB and put a little contact spray on each jack (input, output, headphones). Unfortunately it didn’t help!

Input signals (left and right) are only looped through to the right output!

On the left channel you can only hear quiet, high-frequency sounds.

I may still have suspicions. We had a rehearsal the day before the gig and the mono channel was still working. The next day at the gig the mono channel was broken. It could be that the 48V phantom power on the mixer was switched on. The man at the mixer was new and he said it wasn’t turned on??? Would phantom power be a problem for the BB?

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The 48v from the mixer is applied to the XLR connections and not to the 1/4" (6.35mm) jack that you would have likely plugged into for the BB, so that shouldn’t have damaged the BB.

Many years ago I was plugging an instrument cable into a bass guitar that was already plugged into a bass amp. As I picked up the plug end of the cable I heard a slight snap and felt a slight shock. It was a static electricity charge that I had picked up possibly from walking on the rooms carpet and it discharged into the cable when I touched it. When I finally got plugged into the amp I found it didn’t work and after some troubleshooting found an OP Amp in the front end of the amp had taken a hit from the static discharge and was toast. Fortunately the OP Amp was an easy replacement and I got the amp up and working again.
Perhaps the BB left output failed for another reason, but if the air is particularly dry where you are (Winter months typically), maybe there’s a chance that when handling the cable to the BB it may have gotten a static electricity zap through it and did some damage.
When the house air is dry I’ll usually apply some anti-static spray (diluted fabric softener works and smells nice) to carpets in the room where I do my music stuff and run a small humidifier which seems to help reduce static.

Thanks for your information, the static charge could be a cause because there is a carpet in the rehearsal room.

Another question about phantom power:

Is the 48V of cables routed to an XLR on one side and a ¼” stereo plug on the other side?

Kind regards