Lenny - Stevie Ray Vaughan - cover with BeatBuddy

Hi everyone -

I’m new to the forum and just got my BB a little over a week ago. Picked up the SRV beat pack with it and recorded SRV’s Lenny. Still getting a hang of everything, but the BB was perfect for this song.


Wow! Fantastic!

Tell us about your rig as well, please.

Sweet! Stands on it’s own, but I would like to have heard the Beat Buddy more integrated into the mix. I’m working on that, have had mine a little less than a week, will be posting soon. Don’t let anything, like taking flack or getting too distracted, stop you!

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I’m playing a 2007 John Mayer Fender Strat, straight into a '65 Princeton Reverb reissue. Played with volume at 4, treble at 6, bass at 7.5, reverb at 5.5 speed and intensity both at 1.

Recorded with a SM57 mic and an AT2020. The BB went straight DI to the Focusrite. Captured in Reaper.

The only post-production work was to adjust the volume of the 3 tracks - no other edits. This was rendered to a WAV file and then synced on the video capture.

Thanks! Appreciate the feedback.