Let Love Rule OPB+Horns - Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz’s “Let Love Rule”
Song File: Let_Love_Rule.sng (12.5 KB)
Key - E - Chords, Lyric, Order Let Love Rule.pdf (22.2 KB)
Drum Kit - Motown Piano and Brass

Notes: Chorus/Verse loops 3 times (sort of - 2nd verse has an extra line which shifted my thinking to a OPB) - 3rd verse is a solo. End is a little different from the song so see the notes. Horns were tricky but I was proud of the finish product.
Enjoy -

Hi Bootsy! It is probably me, but I think one of us is missing something. There doesn’t seem to be an actual song file here. The kit is there. There is a PDF with the lyrics, … where’s the beef?

I love me some Lenny. I want to play this song.

Nope - my bad. Thanks for letting me know. I edited the original post to include the file.

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Yay! Thank You!