Let me delete the current song

Pretty annoying message on the songs page when I try to delete the “current song”. :wink:

Ok to ask me if I’m sure, but don’t prevent me from cleaning up and force me to load another song, come back, etc.


I agree with this!!

Agree! Just make the icon gray/disabled

This is more about letting the user perform the requested action than making the UI more obvious that deletion isn’t allowed.

A one step confirmation dialog box (“are you sure?”) is ok, but not necessary.

I have a different spin on this as an idea request:

When you press and hold the Play/Stop you get the pop-up “Are you sure you want to delete all tracks?”, instead I’d prefer the pop-up had three choices and I had to select one: “Delete all tracks?”, “Delete current selected track?”, “Cancel”.

To me this would be way faster and more intuitive than having to click Play/Stop after a take, then hold down the track button to clear what was just recorded on the track.


That’s a great idea. Even better if I can make a choice via footswitch and/or scroll wheel. :wink:

The original post was reporting a bug on the Song Page, not in the Loop Studio. On the Song Page you can delete any song on the page … except for the one open in the Loop Studio.

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Yes. This feature would definitely be great. Have the ability to delete just one of the tracks via the footswitch.

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Agreed that disallowing delete of the current song is a strange constraint. This caught me off guard. Why not allow the user to delete the current song and let them start a new one? Clear all the settings and then start from scratch again. This feels like a broken interaction or a way to circumvent a limitation of the software. I hope SS removes this constraint.

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