Level Meter on Aux IN no longer responding

Hello. There was an old thread from Apr 20 that seemed to imply that this was fixed in the 2.0 release? I’m using the Aeros SW 3.5.1. Recording source is AUX IN only. As with this old post, the signal and recording of the loops are just fine – i’m just not getting level meter readings.

I do get level meter readings from the instrument jacks, but i’m not recording from that input source, so i know the level meter works.


old post: Level Meter on AUX IN is not responding

I noticed the same thing, I would really like it if the level meter worked with the aux input.

I might have misread the earlier post, and this may “still” be an open issue? I couldn’t seem to find the list of current issues, so if it’s still there and I missed it, please forgive the post!