Line 6 Helix -> BeatBuddy via Midi

Hi everybody,

I’m using a Line 6 Helix and a BeatBuddy connected via MIDI.
I was successful with switching to different drum beats on the BeatBuddy, whenever I switch to a different set in my Helix and even triggering fills, accents and transitions from the Helix footswitches works great.

Unfortunately I had no luck with the Start and Stop signals (MMC “Play” and “Stop”). The BeatBuddy doesn’t do anything whenever I trigger these signals from my Helix.

Any idea what could be wrong?

Could you tell us the MIDI settings on your BB?

System Realtime -> Sync -> Disable
System Realtime -> Start -> Enable
System Realtime -> Stop -> Enable
Midi Channel: Channel 3
Note On: Disable
Control Change: Enable

Ok, I tried a couple of things. All Midi messages I want to use (Accenthit, Transitions, Pause, Outro, Fills) work as expected. But I was not able to make the BB start playing. I’ve assigned all these messages to individual footswitches on my Helix. By accident, I’ve hit the footswitch on my Helix for “Next transition” (CC-113 with value 127) while the BB was not playing and it started playing the Intro immediately. Thats what I’ve tried to achieve.

Yes, I’ve been using the same thing to make the BB start playing ( MMC don’t work )

You will have to do multiple things. First with. programme change message select the song (see page 14 of midi manual for the Beatbuddy) then to start it would be CC-114 with value >0, stop is the outro message CC-115

Great ! I have not seen the message CC-114 on page 10.

Thanks a lot Sibling Chris