Line Level to/from Aeros

Hi Aeros team! :slight_smile:

I read in the manual that I can switch to LINE LEVEL for the MAIN INPUT.

This would change the impedance for the MAIN INPUT, but does it add +10db / +4db headroom?
And how about the AUX IN? Is it always line level impedance and +10db/4db level?
What about if I go with guitar to Main IN and route it to AUX OUT?
Would this work as a preamp to go into AUX OUT to LINE INPUT on another device that is +10db/4db?

I am asking those questions because I am planning to include an effect unit in my FX chain that is operating on LINE LEVELS only.
The SX-I effector.
Here are the specs:
LINE IN -10dbv 22 kOhm or more (3.12 Volts p-p).
LINE OUT -10dbv 10 kOhm/ 1 kOhm or less (3.16 Volts p-p)
S/N ratio -118db

Then I think I would need a preamp such as Art Tube MP to bring the guitar level to line level.
Or probably this pedal - Source Audio Zio. Which has LINE OUT and can boost up to 20db.
However, I use the Aeros looper as the first pedal in my fx chain, and want to know if I can put a preamp before it.

Let me know if something is unclear. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Im also interested in this answer - Im getting clipping (input level signal bars going into the red) when sending a line level signal from the Aux out of my mixing desk - so I think it cant take full line level signals, but would be interested in if there is a work around that means I dont have to remember to turn down the sends from the mixer.

Hey there,

No, there will not be a noticeable level difference when switching from line level to instrument level

The Aux in is always Line, yes

Aux and Main Outs are all line out. Going from Main In to Aux Out will not improve things more than going from Main In to Main Out

No, the Aeros is not a pre-amp, the Aeros should be before any pre-amp used in a signal chain

Either input or setting would work, it depends on what you want to achieve… the biggest change is the noise floor which is likely negligible in a live scenario

Depending on the signal, this is could easily get too hot for the Aeros you can always verify on the Aeros VU meter

The Aeros operates closer to -10dBV and the input will saturate at 0dBV.
As long as it stays under 0dBV it will be ok to input into Aeros without distortion.

This is because your mixer is likely at a +4dBu rating, you will need to lessen gain for it to not clip the inputs on the Aeros which operates around -10dBV

Thanks for the questions

thanks Brennan!

If the Main Out is Line level, does this mean then that the Aeros doesnt work well as first in the FX chain, as guitar pedals usually prefer instrument level?

Ideally you would never have pedals after the Aeros, only before the Aeros. Some pedals do accept line level signals but it is not common.

what is the main issue with having pedals after Aeros?
Is it only the impedance not matching?
Or is the Aeros output level +4db? which is too hot for guitar pedals?

The main issue is that all your loops will be affected by the pedals which is usually not the case, it may also cause them to distort as you get a louder output on the Aeros.

No the Aeros does not operate at +4dBu

alright but then i use the Aeros as first in my chain, and never have more than 2 tracks playing together. Then I use effect pedals to fine tune the effects i want / make ambient music and record this in a DAW. I assume that 1-2 tracks playing together wont cause any issues? Is the output low-Z or Hi-Z impedance?

what does make the aeros main output to be line level and not instrument? Is it the impedance?

From the AEROS user manual:

Main Input Level: Sets the impedance for the inputs. Instrument level is about 10% more sensitive than Line level.

  • Instrument (1M Ohms impedance)*
  • Line in (50k Ohms impedance)

I am asking about the outputs. Is the main/aux output then always 50k Ohms?

The Main and Aux outputs operate at ~600 ohms