Linking songs

I don’t know if this question has been asked, but is it possible to link “songs” in BB?

By “link,” do you mean create a medley, where one song plays right after another?

No sir. What I am doing is using what BB calls songs as rhythm patterns for my duo act. Was wondering while in tempo could you go from 1 song/pattern to another without stopping? Hoping to find a way to change tempos by doing so. Thx for responding so quickly. I am a new user… I love BB. Just trying to get a handle on it.

If the main goal is to create a tempo change, using the B.B. itself, you would need to create a midi file that produces a pseudo tempo change. A posted a tutorial on that not too long ago.

Anytime you go from one “song” to another with the B.B., there is a pause while the new song loads. Thus, to get it all in one song, you do the pseudo change process. The future Singular midi pedal is going to have a tempo increase/decrease feature in it, and there are presently ways to have tempo changes using third party songbook software and midi commands.

Thank you sir. I will have to go check that tutorial out. I really am having a blast with this thing. Just need to get ahead of the learning curve with it. Again I appreciate your help.