Linux user a bit angry!

Should i resell my beeatbuddy?
Ok BB is a piece of art but having no software for linux users is a scandal… (Ok I am angry today)
I am bored to look for a friends’PC with Windows to manage the BB. Do not talk to me about Wine, it’s a dressing on a wooden leg as we say in french !
The linux comunity is growing day by day and I think it’s time to step up the investment for this OS . A lot of languages can support (since a while) almost all the ‘OSes’ like Java, Python… But I guess you know it…
Looking forward to reading your answer
(sorry for my french accent)

Rather than defend Singular Sound, I would look at the lack of a Linux version of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) as having been based on a business decision. If a small company could only build for and support two out of three operating systems, which would they be?

Right now Singular Sound has not demonstrated the capability to regularly release updates for Windows and Mac that fixes bugs and adds features to the software and the pedal. Support for Linux would probably just complicate matters further.

I agree, WINE is a cheesy (fromage-y? :laughing:) attempt at virtualization software but there may be other options such as Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion. I know, why should you spend more money and effort just to replicate a Windows environment just to run one piece of software . . . I guess this becomes your business decision: how badly do you want to use the BBM software on your computer?

Users have recommended making the BBM software open source which could eventually lead to a version that works under Linux. Regrettably, Singular Sound has not picked up and run with that idea.

I use BBM with wine and works fine…

Wine is a little shit (in fact BBmanager is the only one software that I use with wine in my computer), but I think that it is better solution than install another complete operative system (and its requeriments) i to run a small app.

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There are not only Java and Python. There are some other popular languages that are also available for linex like C, C++,R, and Java Script. But from all, I promote C++. It is a very fast language as compared to other languages, but despite this, it is difficult to learn and program in it.