List of Acceptable MIDI Notes


Can someone (I’m looking at you, David P! :slight_smile: ) post a list of the notes to which BB will respond? Every once in a while, after I edit a MIDI file, I discover I’ve used a note that does not compute (although it does play when I play it back using my GS MIDI driver to preview).

I’m doing the piano-roll editor thing, so know which notes to avoid would be really helpful.



I posted the following elsewhere as quite a few people ask the same question. However this information can be got from the BB Manager itself, You just need to make a note of all the instruments just as I did for the Standard Kit. The Latin kit I assume will be quite a bit different.

BB Standard Kit

33 A0 Metronome
36 C1 Kick Drum
37 C#1 Cross Stick
38 D1 Snare
39 D#1 Handclaps
42 F#1 Hi-Hats Closed
43 G1 Tom 4 (Floor)
44 G#1 Foot Hi-hat
45 A1 Tom 3 (Low)
46 A#1 Hi-Hat Open
48 C2 Tom 2 (Hi-Mid)
49 C#2 Crash Cymbal 1
50 D2 Tom 1 (High)
51 D#2 Ride Cymbal
53 F2 Ride C. Bell
55 G2 Splash 1
57 A2 Crash Cymbal 2
59 B2 Splash 1


The standard kits reply to the MIDI notes posted above. However, in general, it depends on the BB Drum set. For example, Dan’s PercussionDLX BB drum set responds to far many more MIDI notes.

The BB Drum kits technically can respond to all MIDI notes. it’s just that the standard kits in this release were set up in a more limited way.
Thanks, Dan


This is only partly true, as theoretically you may (and probably will) run into a currently hard set limit of 100Mb of total WAV samples size used per drumset.


I print this file out, cut out a narrow strip about 1" by 5", (you might have to scale the print out up or down) and tape it on the left side of the PC to cover the piano keys in my MIDI editor ( a free editor that doesn’t show drums). I scroll up or down to line up the kick with the print out.