LIST: Start/Stop via MIDI & setting up the number of bars beforehand &


First off, congratulations to your new product, I think the Aeros has the potential to be revolutionary when it comes to looping.

I would also like to suggest some features that I would love to see being implemented in the Aeros Loop Studio:

All of these suggestions refer to the 6x6 mode:

  1. Being able to control functions of individual tracks via MIDI:
    a) Stop/Play/Overdub (individually assignable and also as a chain, so each time you press a button it goes from stop to play to overdub etc…so you cycle through them)
    b) Mute/Unmute
    c) Load next song
    d) (the more MIDI options, the better…but the above would be the most important for me)

  2. Being able to set the number of measures/bars for each of the 6 tracks and for each of the 6 parts in the settings menu.

So far I have to manually “record silence” so that I can set Track 1 to be 4 measures long, Track 2 to be 8 measures long, Track 3 to be 16 measures long and so on. And then I have to do the same for the next part. It would be great if I could do that in the settings and not had to record silence manually.

You might ask: Why not just press record, play 4 measures and then press “next track” and just record 8 measures on Track 2? Here is what I cannot achieve if doing so:

I would usually record 4 measures on Track 1 and then immediately overdub another 4 measures on Track 1.

I cannot achieve this with the current setup automatically, I would have to press a button first once (next track) or twice (for play and then overdub).

Since I am a drummer I need my 2 feet and 2 hands, so I would need the Loop Studio to do it automatically. Only way so far is to set a fixed measure for each track by recording silence first. I hope you get what I mean.

  1. Being able to reload a track without having to load another track first.

I have recorded silence (see number 2), then I record something I actually play and afterwards I want to load the state of the song file again that I had saved with only the silence, a fresh start so to speak.

I cant do that at the moment. My “overdubs” on the silence then stays. So I have to load another saved song and then have to load the saved song that I actually want to use (the one with the recorded silence that has the exact measures per track that I need).
To be honest I don’t even know if this is really a feature request or if I rather just found a bug.

  1. Being able to turn off the window that asks me every time if I want to save the changes. I understand why you implemented this “warning” window but it would be great if it was optional. An “Opt out” option would be great.

  2. Being able to choose that when you hold the “Play/Stop All” Button, it does not erase absolutely everything but it only erases everything ‘since the last save’.
    In other words, holding this button would reload the last save as if you went to the song list and loaded that song.

  3. Being able to save the current song again with a new ‘file/song name’.
    Basically a “save as” function. I would like to be able to duplicate a song under a new file name.

I hope I expressed clearly the above features that I wish the Loop Studio would offer. If you have any questions, please let me know.


Hi @Pim – my apologies for the very late reply. I’ve read your post and I think I understand your requests.

Regarding setting up predetermined lengths for each track, I highly doubt we will implement this because it does not seem that simple to implement and it seems to be a very specific feature to your style of looping. As you can see from all the other feature requests, we have A LOT to work on.

However, we do plan on making a ROP - Record/Overdub/Play setting so you can go directly into overdub from record - I believe this will achieve what you want to do.

An Opt out for the save warning is something we can do.

An option to clear everything until the last save is also something we can do – this is more of a convenience thing, since as you said, you can just load another song without saving the current song and then come back to your current song. It seems to me that you’re experiencing this a lot because you’re using your ‘silent recording’ method of setting the track lengths and you want to keep using this template. I would like to know if the ROP setting above would solve this issue for you and make this request not necessary.

“Save as” is an interesting idea. We may implement this.

Thank you very much for your feedback – we value it highly and we take every request seriously. But as I mentioned, we do have to balance the requests that would be relevant to the largest number of people and also consider if other features we are building might be better solutions.

Please keep the feedback and suggestions coming! :smiley:

Hi David,
I’m glad to hear that you had a couple of relaxing days, I know that you guys are working hard, but everyone needs to recharge their batteries from time to time.

So thank you for your reply. I understand that you have a lot of requests that are tailored to the individual user needs and you have to set priorities right now. It’s just useful for me to know which of my requests you are at least considering to implement in the future.

I can use my work-around and just record silence first, so this is not an issue, so no worries. I almost expected that I won’t be able to do this.

That would be nice since it adds to a smoother workflow.

Thanks, this would also add to a more convenient use.

This would be amazing. With this feature available via a button press (either with a Midi controller or a button of the Aeros itself), I would get rid of my Boss RC-300 and exclusively use the Aeros.

As you might have guessed, this feature is actually the most important to me (besides general MIDI control, of course, but you are working hard on that already).

To answer your question about the RPO:
This would be great (and also RPM would be useful), but I would still love to be able to undo everything since the last save. These features are two separate things.

I wouldn’t mind if it takes some time for you to implement the function ‘undo everything since the last save’, I just would like to know whether you will implement it at one point.

Thanks again for your detailled answer and please let me know if I will be able to use the Aeros as my one-and-only looper in the future ;-).

Best regards,