Listing to songs in a whole new way

Since I received BB and started working with Midi parts of certain songs, I now hear a song and immediately start thinking on how I can chopped the song up into beat parts to import into BB. LOL

Dos any one else do this ?

absolutely, …Phil posted up Matchbox in A …
I use it for 2/3 different 12 bar tunes …
(change tempos & let the imagination fly !)

I do this too… it’s like an obsession! :slight_smile:

it really is but in a good way

I have 160 Reaper projects with songs in various stages of completion!

o man that’s great. I’m starting to worry that I may need a bigger Hard drive or a dedicated drive for this. what do you have your projects saved on ?

They aren’t terribly big, so they are on my laptop