Lists of song matches?

Hi all, I bought the BB because I really like the interactive drumming. While there is so much great user-generated content here, almost everything I’ve downloaded seems to be full songs - start and go. I’m enjoying those, too, but want to find more interactive beats for my songs.

The BB has a lot of beats built in, but I find it really hard to match (I’m not a drummer?). I found the following two sites by Singular Sound, but they’re pretty sparse:

Are there other lists that people know of? Thanks!

Some sprinkled about on the forum e.g., What songs are you playing with BB & their settings ?

Thanks. Somehow I struggled to find that thread, and the search feature didn’t find the song I wanted. It’s too bad that Singular doesn’t scrape these for suggestions for their DB so we can have a central place instead of poking around everywhere

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