Little tip for Gigs

Was going to post my song list but then realized I have Groove Monkey songs mixed in. I like GM for their less complex fills. A little tip if you gig with BB: Don’t over do the fills. Save them for transitions from verses to bridges and sometimes not even then. I also edit out the cymbal crashes that come every four measures with some beats. I used to gig with an Alesis SR18 (Beat Buddy is far superior BTW) all the time with no fills because a lot of them were too busy for me. Three piece act. Guitar, Mandolin/Harmonica, and Bassist and we all sing. Just getting ready to play out again after 3 year break. The less the audience notice the drums the better IMHO so I rarely let the BB play on its own a as this will highlight the fact that there is no drummer up there with you. Deep it simple and some people won’t even notice that your using a Drum machine. I’ve asked people that I know were listening what they thought of the Drums and got the responses “What drums- I didn’t notice- band sounds great” I’m not kidding! LOL YMMV

Counterpoint: It depends on what you’re trying to do. Drums fill a dance floor. I play in the only duo (classic rock, pop, new country, some blues) that I’ve seen that causes dancing – a lot. We play pubs, bars, weddings, corporate, and other stages usually reserved for full bands, because we come across as a power trio.

So, for some themes and songs, I completely agree with you; for others, I’m not sure I do. It all depends on what your show is all about.


Yes I can see that. Interesting. I think it all depends on the music. We are going for more of a country rock sound and our old material is Americana. I used to play acoustic guitar now play electric with a pedal board. Wouldn’t mind getting people up to dance. Incorporating songs like Six days on the road, Can’t you See and I Don’t need no Doctor. Also some Blues, both up tempo and slow. That’s one of the reasons for the beat buddy. Also it depends on the gig. We do winery’s and bars. Different animals. Thanks for your input.