Little Wing (with bass) re-up - Classic Rock - Jimi Hendrix

Uses Electric Jazz Trio 72-C1.

Includes: .sng, chords and lyrics, midi parts files.

The ending primarily comes from the Derek and the Dominoes version. The rest is Jimi.

Little Wing (43.1 KB)

Edited 2019-08-27. Changed kit. Minor edits to bass part to remove a few overlapping notes. Changed register of bass part to match new kit. Re-saved revised midi parts at correct tempo to eliminate tempo mismatch that appears in some version of BBM.

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Hi Phil.

It’s been a long time since we chatted.
Do you have a version of this song that does not have those annoying clipping pops?
This arrangement is so beautiful, yet is destroyed due to those bass note clipping and popping sounds we’ve discussed in the past. I want to use this arrangement live, but with way it is now it is not usable.



Can you tell if the clicks are in the bass or in the drums?

You might like this better, you might not. Uses this:

But, you can experiment with any of the kits that use a 0-31 bass, and you might find one you like better.

Little_Wing 2.sng (10.2 KB)

Hi Phil.

Most definitely the bass.

It’s that same issue that we’ve discussed before.
I don’t get it though, I have some songs that don’t have pops at all from other user uploads, and I created one while back that has no clicks at all.

Not singling you out, but wonder why it’s arrangements I get from you that has these pops it appears. Not sure what to think.



Ok cool, will try it and let you know.



Then don’t use my stuff.

Hi Phil.

I come in peace.
Appreciate what you do, was just wondering and hoping to find a resolution but I know it is out of your hands.



Always been a great song to play… Thanks for fixing this one up Phil_Flood… It’s a noticeable upgrade…