Live Looping Setlist from this past weekend 3.26.23

Most of the set, warts and all. You can see all the pedal stomps along the way. I take requests, so I never know exactly whats coming.and fly a little by the seat of my pants. But i have a lot fo material prepped with OPB, or bass lines I programmed with changes that work to a logical pattern progression I emploiy on many of em live. have a second set I can link to as well from another gig. It’s not all great as far as singing, playing, execution. But I am sharing for that point. It’s working, I am giggin and getting better w it along the way. Hope this is inspiring to someone who is more capableof showing what this can do.


Nice job man! I’ve thought about adding both of those to my set. I play in a duo with a keyboard player.

What’s your rig rundown for electric?

I run a Strymon Iridium in my pedal chain in place of an amp. When I want to play electric I switch guitars and kick on the Iridium and dial in the tone I need for the song. I have a Boomerang III at the end of the chain. The Beat Buddy runs on its own channel.

Hey, Thx for commenting.
I run my guitar through Boss GX100. I had a GT-8 forvever but just got the new unit. I have a mixer on my board, so the guitar, looped parts, drums and vox are all seperated. Aeros is the looper I use, but I have a few others. No, Boomerang. I’d like to give one a try. I see em alot.

Nice work. Recommend a lid on that water glass. :joy:

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