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Hi, I’m a new user of aeros and I have make all my loop with success.
Now, I want use the aeros for live performance and I found that the start/stop button is not friendly position for quick start or quick stop.
I know that the maestro can fix it but I don’t have place in my peadlboard and 6 buttons is too much for just my need (at the moment)
I use beatbuddy in all my song and just aeros when i make a solo impro in a part of song.
Perhaps, one day, Singular Sound launch a little version of maestro with just 2 buttons? (Like the little version of beatbuddy)
In waiting, can you give your return of experience and if you have found a tips or use another little controler midi, compatible with aeros?
Keep rocking

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What you are saying is you want to be able to start and stop from a switch that you are able to cover with your foot without having to do any reach for it? I use a discontinued pedal called the Molten Voltage TEMPODE which just has a MIDI Start/Stop toggle and a tap button (the device sends MIDI Clock to the Aeros as well, like the Beat Buddy does).

Since that is no longer available, I think the Disaster Area SmartClock is a good sub for that (their site is down at the moment, so I can’t link).

There is also the potential of getting a more general use small foot controller like the Morningstar MC-3. That’s a 3 button controller that you program to do basically anything MIDI related. I have the 6 button version and I can recommend their model for programming and setting up a controller very much.

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While I was just looking around at what the maker of my Tempode is up to, I saw that they make this:

It just toggles Start and Stop and does nothing else.

Thx @RockDebris, i order the poney, i think it’s perfect for me.
Nice day