Live performing a song with 2 different beats and tempos

New user. I want to be able to perform a particular tune live, which changes both rhythm/beat pattern and tempo (bpm) halfway through. How can I achieve this most simply and most seamlessly please? I am using the BeatBuddy as the controller and the Aeros as the slave. 6x6 mode.

You have to divide your song in 2 loops. Each loop has his own tempo and signature. That’s means you previously configure the 2 loops ( tempi and signatures) before performing on stage. You can record a blank (no sound) track for the second loop that assure you to chain in live the 2 loops.
That’s how i do for songs with parts having different numbers of bars or in your case different signatures and tempi.

Hi Margouilla. Aha! Okay. Many thanks for that. Really helpful. Does this mean I use the Aeros as the controller and the Beatbuddy as the slave? Midi out from the Aeros and midi in on the BB?

Hi there,

Could you explain a bit more; how are the loops combined? You mention a blank track for the second loop. I’m not getting it, appreciated.

So then you would hit the “song advance” to move to the new tempo/beat pattern?