Livestreams with the BeatBuddy

Hi, I’d like to share our Youtube playlist with you, maybe someone can get some inspiration from it. We’re a duo thats started doing livestreams for our community during Covid and have continued a bit more sporadic since the livescenes opened up. So, everything on this list is live and all the drums and bass is from the Beatbuddy. Hope you find something that you like…
/Matte & Fia



Sounds fantastic thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

How do you do bass on the BB?
Really nice sound btw.

Hey, great guitar sound you have and you are very good as a duo. From beatbuddy you are using full songs previously created, no loops, no improvisation?

Hi, to get bass you have to use a drumset with bass sounds in it, there are some you can download on this forum if you like to try it.

Hi, well I’m actually using combinations of “onepress”-songs and songs that I manually control so there’s some freedom to change the length of the sections, but it depends on the song. I kind of feel like the blues/rock stuff is often more open for alterations. I also sometimes use the “Accent Hit” and manually keep the beat, kinda like a stomp box.