Living In A Ghost Town DOP, OPB, OPBkk (Am) - The Rolling Stones 2020-05-13

I built this using my previously unreleased STAX Steinway & Organ kit.

The song package includes my heavily edited midi file, DOP, OPB and OPBkk song files. In case you are wondering “kk” means there are two keyboards, piano and organ. Also included is a chords and lyrics cheat, which matches the provided .sng files.

Living in a Ghost (72.2 KB)


Thank you Phil! Always great!

Ghost_Town.sng (22.3 KB)

Awesome. Just for the heck of it, here is the version of the song I edited using a different drumkit and it sounds like a different midi file. Too much fun! You’ll need the Santana piano and organ kit. Piece of cake to play on guitar and plenty of room to take liberties with Keith Richard’s licks.

Thanks for yet another great song Phil_Flood… First new song from the Stones in eight years, and very appropriate for the times…

Nicely done, and you can realty tell how much work you put into both the song and the new kit…

Much appreciated… :beers:

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