LIZA JANE - VINCE GILL (OPB) - upright bass, brushes

Vince’s take on the bluegrass standard… very upbeat, good space for a solo. I’ll follow this one up with an “extended” version. (Yeah, it exists here on the forum in a 2018 version)

liza (71.0 KB)
liza jane.pdf (48.4 KB)

Uses NP Brushes upright bass

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there is NP_Brushes_Bass

Thank you. I will test out the different sets. You suggest the “NP Brushes Upright 0 - 31” - good deal. I look forward to your extended version. I will also search for the 2018 one in you indicate above. Just sayin - thanks your work is much appreciated.

If only I could play this song… (sigh)