'Load error' when selecting already loaded song from Songs List (minor issue)

You might want to fix the following annoying behaviour in a future update, assuming it’s not a quirk of my device/setup.

If I select a song from the Songs List, then go away to another screen (e.g. by selecting ‘Home’ from the slideout menu), then re-select the song from the Songs List, I get a dialog box with the message ‘ERROR:LOAD OPERATION FAILED Failed to load current song, attempting to load another song. If no valid songs are found, we will create a new default song to load.’

When I dismiss the dialog, I may find myself in the Loop Studio screen for the song I just selected or another song I had opened previously.

It seems like the Aeros is attempting to load an already loaded song and encountering some conflict. But intuitively Aeros shouldn’t even be attempting a load operation here. Selecting an already loaded song from the songs list should be equivalent to navigating to the Loop Studio screen, an action that does not produce an error message. But obviously if you want to always treat selecting from Songs List as a load operation (e.g. because you want song selection to always send the appropriate song select MIDI out messages etc. and want the behaviour and timing to be consistent) you should fix the loading issue.

I’m using firmware 5.0.3 and am loading songs from the internal memory only.