Loading Complete Collection

I got the Complete Collection, and I set aside a little time to load it into the BB today. I already have some other content (Grove Monkee) … do I really have to load the entire thing file by file? Is there not an easy way to batch load? Looking through the tutorials, it seems like the only way is to manually load each drum set and each song, and there are … a ton of them.

Is there something simple I’m missing?

I’m assuming you only have a couple of Groove Monkee folders so here’s how I’d go about this:

  • Launch the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)
  • Select the Groove Monkee folder
  • BBM File - Export - Folder (to your desktop)
  • Copy the Complete Collection folder to your bbworkspace folder user_lib/projects
  • BBM File - Open Project and select the Complete Collection - Project (or whatever the name might be)
  • BBM File - Import - Folder (navigate to wherever you saved your Groove Monkee, select the folder and select Open)

Once you have your new project set up the way you want it:

  • BBM File - Export - Project to SD card
  • Accept prompts for future synchronizations

Of course you can also always follow the install instructions for the Complete Collection or the video tutorials that are online.

Thanks for the response. I actually have a bunch of GM folders, so its not quite that easy.

For now I think I might just import the Complete Collection separately, and then export what I want from that and from the Groove Monkee folders into a new project.

I am definitely surprised there isn’t a more sophisticated “Import All” function, but as I read through other messages I gather than the BB Manager is a somewhat neglected piece of software. A pity.

Certainly a technique and probably a better one if you want to preserve your CC project as a separate and unaltered folder.

How do you envision that improved Import All function working?

I’d implement it as a recursive directory search, looking for the appropriately suffix’d filenames. Not particularly difficult.

That way, instead of going into each subdirectory, one by one, to import a song (or also drumset, for example), you could “Import All Songs”, choose the root folder, and it would import each song that resides in any subdirectory. For bonus points, I’d implement a dialog that first searches for all the songs, then presents them as a list of (pre-checked) checkboxes so I could choose which ones to import, or ignore.

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You can select several albums and load them all at once into BB Manager.
You do not need to load the Complete Collection file by file. You can just copy+paste it into an SD Card. See this video:

You can import the entire Complete Collection into the BB, and then add to that any other things you have. I DO NOT recommend creating a new project and adding bits and pieces to it, since the Complete Collection contains all Premium content, as well as latest version of the default content included.

Thanks Goran. I watched that video; that just creates a new project with the Complete Collection. I also have the Mega Pack from Groove Monkee and I’m trying to combine them, plus a few songs that I’ve modified myself.

Are you suggesting that I use the Complete Collection as the basis for a new project, and then import (again) the GM stuff and my own changes?