Loading Songs is very slow (and Slow to load 2x2 Song takes 38% of memory for four 38 second loops)

Subject line says it all. This is a relatively small song stored on the Aeros that takes a looong time to load (about 50 seconds).

Odd thing is it says it’s using 38% of memory, but the song is pretty short. All 4 2x2 stereo tacks used at 38 seconds per loop. I assume the max memory would be based upon 6x6 2:30 tracks?

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Hey there, thank you for reporting this, we are working on memory management and I know it has improved thus far, still, this is worth noting. Would you be able to send us a zipped file of the song folder in question at your earliest convenience? Only works if you have the song saved on SD, but if you do have it, it may help illuminate the issue.

I sent the file via PM.

The files don’t look that odd other than the undone tracks are still present. Doesn’t look like these files should be using 38% of memory.

One suggestion to improve the load/save speed: Put all the audio for a song into a single file (or at least combine the left and right tracks into a stereo file). Especially on an SD Card, it’s more efficient to handle a single, large file (version many smaller files). Your mileage may vary.

Moving songs from Aeros to SD is way fast. Just a few seconds to move even the biggest song; much more user friendly than the long wait for songs to load.

This is a pretty good demonstration that the Aeros can move the data around fast … even to an SD Card which is much slower than RAM. Should be able to load a new song faster than this, unless the Aeros is not really done moving the song when it says the move done (and it completes in the background … which is somewhat scary/surprising).

Each time you power up the Aeros, you are welcomed by the second wait to load the current song on top of waiting for it to boot.