Locaiton of List of Famous Songs linked to each of the beats/rhythms??

I was reading in the Beat Buddy FULL manual (Tips and Tricks Section 4.0) that there is supposedly a list of the famous songs that are linked to each of the BB’s drum rhythms and it was supposed to be in the Tools section of the web page but I was unable to find such a resource. Please advise

Here is the wording from the manual:
“Want to know which beat to use with a particular famous song? Or would you like to find a custom beat made just for that song? Look it up on the our BeatBuddy Tools page”.

thanks in advance


That’s what their referencing. Also use the Resoutces section on here to find custom arrangements of well over 1000 songs.

Awesome Phil. You’re the best! This is the reason I got a BB, for the excellent users help and support and resources. Keep on rocking (and rollin’)

Edit: Sadly many of the ones on folks’ DropBox sites created by users (Free ones) are no longer available and return Error 404 for the listed Weblinks in the Excel files.

I’ve found the same problem. I was able to get a few that I liked to work but as I kept searching I just got an error.

List not complete do you have a list where one would find song,BPM genre, info is very poor in this regard. my thought is i would like to use previous attempts and not reinvent the wheel

There’s this as well


(which is probably just the spreadsheet data in an application).