Local Tempo change and Accent volume

Possibility to set a local tempo on each part
Possibility to set volume on each Accent sound


Nice suggestions.
Totally agree with you about volume control on Accent Hits for each song part.

But what about individual tempo. If you change master tempo while playing, should all main part tempos scale automatically or should they retain their absolute value set via BBManager?

If you change tempo on BB all tempos changes/scales accordingly !

Very intuitive

Hi guys, I’m a Betbuddy newbie. Is it possible to change the volume of accents and the tempo of individual parts of the song?

Not yet !

The tempo idea is a great one! I hope they consider it.

I thought I read that this was being developed at one point in the past but I could be mistaking

Does anyone know if the tempo change ever eventuated.
I’ve been doing medleys and its awkward finding songs at same tempo


As far as I know, and as far as I can tell, this has not been implemented in BBM. However, you can make on the fly tempo changes to your BB songs via OnSong. I have been able to do that just by following the OnSong midi/BB configuration tutorial. That said, I also believe it would be possible to map the tempo to an expression pedal via OnSong with an iRig BlueBoard. Other foot controls may allow similar features, but the tempo change would done through the third party software, i.e. OnSong or the like. Perhaps users of other songbook programs can weigh in as well.

I’ve been using @jstrausss[/USER] posts (thanks j!) to learn how to get SetList Maker to control the BB since I’m on android. Unfortunately OnSong only runs on iOS. You can also do what you want in SetList Maker through midi presets which is essentially what [USER=6180]@Phil Flood suggests. In SetList Maker you can either manually tap a button to run a midi preset and send CC data or use the automation module to make it hands-free. But as Phil says, it will have to be done through a 3rd party app.