Lock and unlock tracks Don't understand?

Sorry for all my questions , but I’m new with the Aeros just get it a few days ago)
Today I try the 6x6 mode and specialy the lock function !
I don’t know if I’m wrong or not. I gonna try to explain, here we go:

  • I record my first track On PART 1
  • I Lock my Track
  • I go to PART 2 (the track of the part 1 is playing)
  • I record my track 2 On the part 2
  • I want to lock my track2 On part 2
    RESULT= CANNOT lock this TRACK

If I come back to my part 1 and I record a second track on this part
RESULT= CANNOT lock this part

So Do I need to lock the tracks on the first part only from the begining?

  • Locked track rules: In 2x2, you can only lock the top track. In 6x6 you can lock up to 5 tracks and you can only lock a track if the tracks before it are locked. You can only lock tracks before recording a second song part. If tracks are locked before recording them, you must record all locked tracks before changing song parts. You can only unlock a track if the tracks after it are not locked and you have not recorded a second song part.

Or you could read pg19 of the manual.


Thank you for all this information !

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This doesn’t seem to be working anymore. I tried locking tracks when it was first rolled out and it worked. Now I can’t lock tracks via the touchscreen nor the mixer function.

Unfortunately, you may need to call customer service.

Thanks for the quick reply Lash. I might have already recorded a second song part when I tried this earlier. I’ll try again from scratch later.

Aww… That would do it. It functions like that. A little quirky for improvisational playing, but works well if you are rehearsed on the Aeros with the song. I wish I could freely lock tracks out of order. I hope the lock feature gets a little more fleshed out in the future. Like if you decide to lock track 3 as the first locked track (after recording tracks 1 and 2) then track 3 moves to track 1 possition and 1 and 2 are bumped down to 2 and 3. Regardless I appreciate the lock feature but it imposes a very restrictive environment.


I just got my Aeros unit and started messing around/learning it for a few hours. The whole locked option is great , but needs some practice to realize what you can and cannot do and when to do it…

I would be great to have a copy and paste function within a song and even…dare I say it from one song to another! I know there would be obvious limitations as certain parameters could not be in conflicting…

I know that this device’s team appear quite committed to it’s continued development. The display adds more than an easy way to make/use settings. It allows for great visual cues that is game changing in the world of looping!