Lock Tempo Setting When Changing Patches?


Love my Beat Buddy!!! You guys have done an amazing job.
Is there a way to lock the tempo settings while changing to different drum patches?
I already know the tempo setting that I want for a particular song, and want to sample different patches to see which patch works best. Just a bit annoying to have to manually reset the tempo each time I try a different patch.


No this is not possible with the current firmware, but this has been requested so hopefully this will be added to the feature list. I would also like a kit lock so you can scroll though the songs but with the current kit.
However with software you can create a set list in whatever tempo and kit you one, but this is not possible on the fly.


Thanks Psalm40. I’ll look forward to a firmware update.
Agreed too on a drum kit lock.


Maybe as Midi-slave??? Midi clock should hold the tempo, äh… is that right???

Im still waitn to get mine... drives me crazy... cant wait anymore!